China Glaze – Little Drummer Boy

TGIF!  Today I have for you a swatch of China Glaze – Little Drummer Boy.  I picked this up at my local Sally Beauty Supply.  This color is a deep rich gorgeous navy with some shine and what appears to me mini scattered blue glass fleck.  It’s really stunning on its own, but of course I’m sure I will add to it later on tonight.

It covered my nails entirely in one coat, but I did two just because. I love you, China Glaze!  The polish was a perfect consistency and the brush was amazing neat for application.  Little to no clean up at all.  My only fear is all blues stain my nails and skin, so we shall see… I tried an extra thick coat of base polish to protect the nail.

This weekend I am going to be doing a musical artist inspired manicure that I have been thinking about for way too long.  Time to finally try it out!

I hope all of you have an amazing Friday and start to your weekend!


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