Van Halen Frankenstein design nails

Yep.  I went there.  I’d been thinking about doing these for way too long, and I finally brought them to life.  This manicure is dedicated to all my music buddies.  And a special thanks to “@” for the nail art polishes.

The base color is Sephora – Cherry Popsicle.  I used two coats and let it dry for about ten minutes.  Then I did white and black stripes using Kiss nail art paints.  First I did the white, let that dry, then went back through and did my black stripes.  The final product:

SUPER easy to do, super fun results.  It brings back a ton of memories – like jumping on the couch with my brother listening to “Jump” when we were kids, my first truck that only had a cassette player and I would sit in traffic on the 101 listening to VH tapes, hanging out with old co-workers, and being on the road with my band.  This is a nice little flashback, and challenge/reminder to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to!

Have a great weekend!


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