Milani 3D Cyberspace

Alright, I just counted my polishes.  I’m up to 56 but I could probably get rid of a few that I either hate or just know will never use again.  That’s excuse enough to get more, right?  =)

As promised, here is Milani 3D in Cyberspace.  It is a pale baby blue holographic polish, however, the holo should be emphasized as being quite subtle in reality.  I’ve got on three layers of Cyberspace and in the right light I can see that holo color change from greens to pinks – but only in the right light.  From a short distance it looks like I am wearing a shimmery version of the original Hard Candy – Sky.

It’s still pretty.  The application was so-so in comparison to the 3D in Digital, if I’m recalling correctly, applied much more evenly.

I had some issues of pulling and pooling but clean up was relatively minimal and dry time was approximately 10 minutes.

I’ve got some more new Milani products to try out, another of which I just snapped photos of but I will wait until I am done compiling everything for the post before I share.

Happy Tuesday!


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