what’s in your make-up bag?

I have a very small selection of make-up but usually am a repeat buyer for them.  I’m always open to try new things to take their place.  Plus I am determined to go to Walgreens this weekend so I am curious if there are things YOU think I should be looking for – be it nail polish or make-up…

For now, here is my “make-up bag” / box.

concealer of choice: Hard Candy – Glamoflauge

For dry skin days (I’m combo) I use this underneath my mineral make-up

mineral foundation by Sephora – much more hydrating and more bang for the buck than the “big name” brand

Lola blush in One Night Stand – this was a splurge for me

for a super fun bright girly pink cheek

Victoria’s Secret quad eyeshadow palette in neutral tones with a hint of shimmer

I use the cream color in the corner and under my brows as a highlight, the gold on my lid, and the taupe color in my crease, the brown is used as a liner

This is NYC eyebrow powder (and wax, but I never use the wax.)

It came with a cute little tiny tweezer and brush for filling in but I actually use a Sephora eyeliner brush for application of this

Usually a simple one coat of this mascara is all I need, rarely clumps or sticks lashes together nice plastic brush

You’ve seen a few of my glosses I use but I still think my favorite so far is Smashbox O-gloss.  I used my whole tube and am too cheap to buy more.  Second place is my KVD in Rocker.  Two totally different types of gloss, though.

I also really love my KVD eyeshadow palette in Adora which I have blogged about as well.

I’m just feeling like it’s time for some new make-up.  What do YOU love?



4 thoughts on “what’s in your make-up bag?

  1. ninatinnablog says:

    If you’re looking for new drugstore makeup and you haven’t already bought this..I would look into the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Palettes! I bought several of the 6-color ones and I love them. Color payoff is great for something that only costs $4.99 🙂


  2. mary says:

    maybelline eye studio marbleized eyeshadows. i love the reddish one and the green one, and they’re super easy to blend! also, i use neutrogena moisturizers- i switch from the anti-aging to the skin toning one every other time i run out. so far i still look like a hand bag but i’m not giving up hope yet!

    other favorites include almay liquid black eyeliner, and the cover girl lip glosses.

    love you!


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