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I’ve got something a lot different for you today.  Not many of you know that not that long ago, I had a long history with the music and tattoo industries.  As a result of my passion for both, I lived the life to its fullest and collected many beautiful pieces from a few amazing tattoo artists.  My issue is now, I work in health care and it all needs to be covered up.  Period.  I’m not about to get it laser-ed off because I still love my tattoos.  For the past year I have covered up from neck to toe in professional clothes, and that solves a majority of the issue.  My biggest challenge has been two tattoos that I have on my hands – one on each middle finger. Yes, really.

On my right hand I’ve been able to wear a ring that covers it up.  Unfortunately, my left hand I haven’t been able to do that.  Why?  Mostly because it would rub against and potentially ruin my wedding ring.  So I have resorted to wearing band-aids that need to be changed up to five times a day because of the amount of hand washing I do while I’m at work.  I was spending a small fortune on it, so I had to seek out some alternative cover-ups.

First I tried Kat Von D’s tattoo cover up.  I figured it had to work, I watched them use it on her show LA Ink when she did the product photo shoots.  The problem is, that even with the make-up sprays that are supposed to make it last longer I would have to re-apply the make-up several times a day.  After that, I tried Make Up Forever and had the same result.  So, I went back to my trusty band-aids.

(Please note that if you are covering up a tattoo somewhere else on your body, those two products could have been a possible temporary fix for you)

I’ve done a TON of research, from lightening creams where the ingredient lists scared me – to hours of scanning jewelry stores to find that one ring that wouldn’t ruin the other.  Finally I came across a product online called “Hide Ink

The website states the following:

Hide Ink is a temporary tattoo cover for every day or special occasions.  It’s simple and easy to use with no mess and no smearing.  It’s water proof, long-lasting, and feels like your own skin.  Cover your tattoo in less than one minute with ease!

Sounds too good to be true, and usually these types of things are… BUT this product IS the real deal.

When I received the product it resembled a temporary tattoo.  The instructions were pretty much identical – you cut out what you need, place it on clean & dry skin, and soak the back with water for 30 seconds.  Then you have a flesh-colored layer over your tattoo.  It really was that simple!  For darker tattoos you can layer the product, for larger tattoos you can line them up by the seam.  I read a lot online during my research that a lot of women want products to cover up tattoos for their weddings but they are afraid the make-up products will ruin the dress (and they probably will!)  Well, you won’t have that problem with Hide Ink.

For as small as my tattoos are to cover, I am going to be able to use one sheet for about a month.  Which for a very affordable amount each year I will be able to cover that tattoo for work.

The product comes in four different colors, again, that can be layered to better match your skin tone which is a really neat feature.  Mix without the mess!

Here are some photos to demonstrate:

This is the inside of my right middle finger – for my PG audience, I edited out the last letter of my tattoo… for those of you who have a good idea for the full meaning of that tattoo – just so you know, right now I am in a VERY different place in my life

A perfect example of why you should put more thought than you ever thought you should have before you decide to get tattooed.

That is one of the sheets and my scissors.  That little corner is what I cut out to cover the tattoo.

For my first application I did a single layer of fair – it looks shiny at first but as the hours pass it looks more like your real skin.  I did mine at night before bed so for work in the morning it looked more natural.

This was 20 hours later that included an 8 hour work day of typing, filing, and writing plus five hand washings, and a shower.  Pretty impressive!!!

This is the second application.  For this round I used Cal-Tan, a slightly darker shade.  It covered better than the fair because of the black ink.  Application was the same, and wear was quite similar this one actually lasted 48 hours.

It really only took me the one time using it to get the hang of it.  This has been a huge stress reliever finding this product.  Knowing that I can go to work and not be embarrassed about wearing band-aids every day, someone making a comment about it peeking out, taking a huge make-up bag with me to work, or continuing my once hopeless search for a perfect product.  I’m really impressed.  I highly doubt another product will top this and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of covering up a tattoo.

You can learn even more about Hide Ink here as well as purchase some to try for yourself.  If you have any questions for me since I’ve used it – please feel free to ask and I will get back to you about it.  =)

A special thanks to the genius’ behind the product.  This really does change my life!

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product sent for review


2 thoughts on “tattoo cover-up

  1. Jackie Garcia says:

    Hi, I found the HideInk website while googling for a good product to “permanently erase” my tattoo. My family does not know about my tattoo and I have done a pretty good job about hiding it when we have family gatherings and what not. I also heard about the Kat Von D product at a Sephora store but decided to go with just a regular, but thick cover-up which works really well, but this June I am going on vacation with my family and need something better than cove -up. Something that is water proof and goes days without coming off. If I do not find anything, my girlfriend and I are considering getting it removed with a doctor by lasers which, we know, is very expensive. I also don’t want to get rid of my tattoo permanently. :/ If HideInk really does work, please get back to me with some more info. I’d like to get to know more about the product and how to order it online. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


    • beautybesties says:

      Hi Jackie. Hide Ink DOES work and it IS waterproof. I would say success with the product for cover ups is dependent on where on your body you are covering. The ones I use on my hands normally last only 12-24 hours depending on the amount of friction I am experiencing in my work day. When I use Hide Ink on other areas like my wrists where they experience little to no friction the product lasts for several days (3-5 days.) Hide Ink does tend to change color to blend into your normal skin tone, and when kept on for extremely long periods of time (3+ days with my experience) they start to take on a green-ish tinge. The products were sent to me for review however you can order the product through their website, and through eBay I believe. I do recommend the product for tattoo cover-ups much more so than I would a concealer. I’ve been using Hide Ink every day since I got them because I have to cover mine up for work. Good luck to you!


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