China Glaze – Lighthouse

Dear China Glaze Lighthouse,

It seems like you are an acquired taste.  You are a polish that some only consider a top coat, or a compliment to other shades.  I am writing to let you know that there are some people who can wear you on all your own.  You are beautiful, bold, sparkly, pretty, and packed with a punch of gold.  Personally, I love you.  Thank you for existing.  I promise to wear you on your own and cherish you for all you are.



Lighthouse is part of the Anchors Away Collection from China Glaze.  In the bottle it looks like a sheer yellow polish packed with yellow gold micro flakes of glitter.

I actually loved it after just the first coat.  But I wanted to see how far I could build the color.   It layered perfectly, didn’t gather or pool.  This is four coats.  No issues with thickness or dry time!  I am on the pale/light medium skin tone side, so yellows are incredibly visible on me.  This would be quite powerful over a white base coat, maybe a layer of yellow polish, or layering with others.  But I love yellows and glitters and had to wear it on its own.

There’s a close-up of the glitter punch.  I think it’s pretty obvious I love China Glaze; it’s one of the regular purchases I make when I can.

This entire collection looks fantastic.  I am very thankful this was sent to me, because I had no way of getting it on my fingers other than online and I have a hard time justifying spending the same amount to buy/ship a product then it ends up costing me twice as much – so thank you.  It definitely would have been worth the search to find it though now that I have it and know how fantastic it is.  I was skeptical after reading other blogger reviews but this just goes to show that everyone’s opinion is different and valuable in their own way.  Now I am super curious about the rest of this collection.  Where I live these collections are non-existent, it is super frustrating… sigh…

Just for fun – after this original swatch I decided to add some leopard spots with my Konad plate M57 and Hard Candy Mushroom for some subtle spots…

thank you for stopping by!  See you soon xoxo

(China Glaze Lighthouse & Hard Candy Mushroom) products sent for review

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