Juice Beauty Organic Kisses kit

TGIF!  Phew.  That was quite a week… onto fun new products!  Today I have a super neat kit of four lip glosses from Juice Beauty called Organic Kisses.  It’s composed of four organic lip glosses that are sweetened with agave to give you sweet tasting lips with a beautiful shine.

Statement from Juice Beauty:

“Juice Beauty is leading the prestige organic movement in the United States and we’re expanding rapidly worldwide.  Our mission is to have the highest efficacy, yet authentically organic beauty products in the world.  Juice Beauty has paved the way in organic beauty with our 100% organic juice base… most other beauty products have a water base (that cannot be FDA certified as organic/ pesticide free) or petro base (not good for your skin).  Every drop of our product delivers a high dose of vitamins, nutrients, and powerful antioxidants that help revitalize and protect aging and problem skin..and we have the highest organic content in prestige skincare in EVERY product.

All of our products meet the strict US and California organic guidelines (including COPA, California Organic Products Regulations the most strict in the world) and Juice Beauty is one of the first companies to become free of harsh parabens, petroleums, tars or pesticides.  Juice Beauty purchases our ingredients from USDA certified organic farms.

Beyond what is in our Eco-Chic products, Juice Beauty is Eco Committed.  We use recycled packaging, 100% recycled paper and cardboard, 80% of our products are produced with solar power, and we only purchase ingredients from USDA certified organic farms. Juice Beauty IS the Organic Solution for the future!”

The packaging was very clean, and appealing. It is four mini lip reflecting lip glosses.  Perfect size for a pocket, or clutch wallet!









Colors shown from left to right as listed on the package in green




Colors with flash you can see that sparkle!



Organic Champagne




This actually smelled, felt, and tasted like Champagne!  After trying all the glosses for color I went back to this one to wear all day long at work because I could feel a little tingle from the bubbles in the bubbly!  SO FREAKING COOL!  Even after drinking coffee it left a moisturizing coat on my lips where as most other glosses leave my lips feeling slick but still dry.  I’m very impressed… ok, more colors…










Each of the glosses smelled and tasted like their color. They gradually deepen in color going from lightest: Champagne to darkest: Guava

Normally I stay far away from dark lip colors because I never knew how to wear them and I thought they were intimidating.  But this isn’t intimidating at all and is actually flattering for my skin tone.  All of them were for that matter.  It’s pretty hard to open up a package of four colors and have them all work for you.  I’m so excited to introduce this brand to anyone who hasn’t heard of or learned about Juice Beauty yet.  It definitely opened my eyes to a whole new beauty world – an organic one!

Juice Beauty makes quite the variety of products from skin care to various cosmetics.  Their mineral moisturizer has gotten rave reviews and awards, I must posses this.  lol… I’m also super curious about their organic clear skin kit!!!

To learn more about Juice Beauty go to their website sign up for their newsletter by clicking here.

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Product was sent for review – please see my disclosure policy for more info.


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