Tronica Digital Dawn

Here is the first of the seven Tronica polishes I have.  I experimented with different camera angles and lighting to get you the best swatches I possibly could.

This is China Glaze Digital Dawn from the Tronica collection:









Digital Dawn – indoors, no flash





Digital Dawn – outdoors, in the sun light



Digital Dawn – indoors, with flash 1



Digital Dawn – indoors, with flash 2

The China Glaze Blog describes Digital Dawn as a Dusty Rose holographic polish.  I think this is a pretty accurate color description.  As you can see from the various lighting that nail polish goes through in a single day that this is more of a chameleon holo than some other in your face holos.  The only others that I have in my collection to compare to is Milani holos and just with this first China Glaze I can tell that this is a better holo.  I’m so excited to try the others.  I just can’t take it off though, I feel like I’m wasting polish just to swatch and switch so I will probably do one of these China Glaze Tronica polishes each day for the next week.  I hope that seems fair to you… however, there is a reality I grow incredibly impatient and just go try another…

It applied like a dream, just like the rest of the China Glaze polishes do.  Dry time is fantastic.  I used 3 coats, but could have gotten away with two.  I’m very curious to use these later as stamping polishes for my image plates… oh the excitement.

Currently the China Glaze Tronica collection is exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and Cosmoprof stores.  Sally Beauty Supply is having a 2/$10 China Glaze promo – they can be any combination from special collections or regular inventory.  You can also find the Tronica polishes on eBay but for about 2-3x their retail cost.


2 thoughts on “Tronica Digital Dawn

  1. Volcanic Ensemble says:

    Nice shade. Though I’m not much of a fan of metallic shades. I prefer suede. I haven’t really found many shades in that category (I know, I’m hopeless at these things) so could you help me out a bit? Thanks! I really appreciate it…


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