Tronica 3D Fantasy

In my mind all day I kept wondering what the next China Glaze Tronica polish had in store for me.  Today is the 2nd out of my 7 polish Tronica haul from Sally Beauty Supply.  This one is called 3D Fantasy.

The China Glaze Blog states the following:

3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic

The peachy pink part is right.  The holo is so subtle it is hardly noticeable even with a flash.




Honestly, even inside the bottle it looks more shimmery than holo.  It’s still a pretty polish.




Outdoors, overcast





Indoors, with flash





Indoors, with flash



Outdoors, with flash close-up

In my opinion even though the holo is subtle and monotone, the color does appear somewhat 3D because it has a pop off the nail.  It’s super shimmery and shiny and those are two of my favorite qualities in a nail polish.  As usual, the formula and dry time were ideal.  I’m quite excited to keep trying out the rest of this collection!


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