Tronica Hyper Haute

Wow, at this minute I am only five people away from hitting my first ever goal for followers.  This is so exciting because this blog is sooo new still!  To celebrate, I’m assuming tonight that number will be hit – and I can post my giveaway!  So please add my Facebook to follow my blog, so you can be eligible to win!

Today I am continuing my mission in showing you my China Glaze Tronica haul polishes.  This post is about Hyper Haute.

China Glaze states that Hyper Haute is a Rasberry Holographic.  The holo is subtle to me but the color does have quite a shine and pop to it.  See for yourself…


















Those are the best images I could capture of different angles.  I used three coats of Hyper Haute and a top coat of Seche Vite.  Application was a bit thicker than the other Tronica polishes but was manageable and easy to apply, dry time fantastic.  Overall so far I don’t regret buying any of the collection.  I’ve read other reviews that they were super disappointed – I guess I’m not because I don’t own any Gosh or Nfu-Oh polishes to compare it to.  Plus, I have never had on a China Glaze polish that I didn’t like…

Tomorrow I will move into the Tronica purples!  xoxo


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