Tronica Virtual Violet

Aww… this is the second to last of my swatches on the China Glaze Tronica polishes I bought the last weekend from Sally Beauty Supply.  I continue to be amazed by them.  Today’s is no exception.  I love the variety of “looks” you can get from these holo polishes.  This is the second of the purples from the collection.  It is called Virtual Violet.

Here are some different angles and lighting to show just how different one polish can look…





the label





oh, so pretty purple!



close-up # 1


close-up # 2

You can click on each of the photos to enlarge them and see how amazing the polish is when you get zoomed in on it.  This formula was on the thicker side especially compared to yesterday’s color but it applied very nicely, built up beautifully, no clean-up needed and dried in a breezy time.  I used three coats of Virtual Violet and a top coat of Seche Vite.  This is another favorite out of the collection, I like how even in a dimmer lighted setting you can see the punch of holo.  My brain wants to think of this color as if grape soda and rainbow pop rocks had a nail polish baby.  Yes, I actually thought that — and then typed it out…

Tomorrow will be my last of the bunch, Techno Teal!

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Thank you for coming by and I hope to see you here again soon!  xoxo


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