Nautical nail art

Hello there everyone.  I can hardly believe how fast these days have been flying.   It’s incredible.  Today I had to try out my Bundle Monster image plates.  It was pretty hard to decide with SO many plates and images omg.  So I decided to go nautical.  It is far from perfect, but it’s fun and beach-y and I will absolutely try this exact manicure again to try to perfect it.

Ok here we go. . .

from left to right: China Glaze – Red Pearl, China Glaze – Little Drummer Boy, Hard Candy – Sky, Konad – Special White

My base color was Hard Candy – Sky.  Then I used image plate BM20 stripes with color China Glaze – Little Drummer Boy.  Followed up with image plate BM08 anchors stamped with Konad special white, and repeated again with China Glaze – Red Pearl.

The final manicure:

and a close-up

I found that the Bundle Monster plates to work identical to the Konad image plates.  They fit perfectly in my image plate holder, and I use the same scraper and stamper with it.  I’m amazed with the variety of designs that are available, and the amount of plates you get for a fraction of the cost of the Konad image plates.  For around $20 shipped I have about 100 more designs in my stamping collection.  That’s impressive.  Everything from Halloween bats to hearts to full nail patterns, the options are endless.  My husband was the one that actually purchased my plates – through

The stamping isn’t perfect because honestly I was incredibly impatient and wouldn’t take the extra .5 seconds to dry off the plate after I wiped it down with the polish remover so the residue from the remover washed the polish and gave it a smudge-y effect.  Fun idea, bad execution.  My bad.  Deserves a re-do.  End of story.

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3 thoughts on “Nautical nail art

    • beautybesties says:

      thank you – Jeannette you can click on any of my photos to enlarge them just for future reference. you’ve made a great point though and I will experiment with sizing for the main page on future posts.


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