Fox in a Box Smooth Talker

Hello and happy Thursday my beauty besties!  Now that I typed that out, I bet you are wondering where this name came from?  Well, it came from a great girl friend of mine, who I chat with on an almost daily basis via text because we live kind of far apart from one another now.  One day on my lunch break at work, we were messaging one another with ideas for a blog name because we talked about the possibility of one of us creating one for sooo long.  Suddenly I threw out “beauty besties!”  and she approved.  It means a lot because there are some girl friends that you have a special bond with and can share anything with even if it is TMI sometimes… we are like that, and I feel like this blog is an extension of that because we can share anything (good or bad) about everything we tried.  So on that note, please always feel free to comment and leave your own reviews on things if you have tried them out because you too are a big piece of the beauty besties blog.  So thank you.

Now onto the review!  I got some new Hard Candy product for you – one that I was nervous to try at first but ended up with happy results.  I’ve tried out the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blush quad in Smooth Talker.  It’s more of a neutral blush quad, not bright pink as I have always been used to (hence, why I was hesitant at first) but in all actuality it is an amazing compliment to my skin tone.  After I apply it (as recommended on the package – on the chin, cheeks and forehead) I felt I had a sweet, sun-kissed look.  Which is probably good for me because some days I am scary pale…

The packaging is a-dor-a-ble, omg.  It closes into a small box with a magnetic seal and comes with a tiny brush but I didn’t use the brush, I used my Sephora blush brush.

Here it is in its original packaging.

One example of each of the colors, from left to right on my hand they are clockwise in the box.  Each color does not have its own name and it would be pretty hard to wear one color on its own unless you have a very petite blush brush for application.  My best results were by swirling all the colors together and tapping off the excess, very similar to how I apply mineral foundation.

an extreme close-up of the four colors.

Overall, it is a win for me.  I love this kind of product, where you have options to wear it very light or build it up for a more dramatic look.  The packaging is fantastic, especially when traveling.  Plus, it is pretty hard to beat their prices.  Keep checking at Walmart for availability!  Also, follow their Facebook – they have a very fun interactive page.  Speaking of Facebook, if you like what you’ve read – please add mine too!  xoxo


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