Essie One Day Without Blues

Good morning and happy Saturday.  A few days ago in the mail I received a promo item for an Essie and Toms shoes collaboration.  The idea of the promo is to help promote not wearing shoes for one day to help those in need.  I think the concept is really cool, I can’t swallow the idea of spending full price on a pair of Toms although I really love their mission.  When you buy a pair of shoes, a child in need gets a pair as well.  So on a side note, Airwalk sold at Payless was doing an identical thing a few months back so I had bought a pair of those shoes for $20.  However I support Toms as well because of what they do, it is an amazing thing.  Ok, so I was signed up for their informational list and I was sent the opportunity on their Facebook to receive this polish.  And it has arrived.  I’m sure this is a pretty limited run, and it’s unclear if it will be mass-produced for retail sales.  My husband thinks I should put it on eBay.  lol

That is both sides of the card that came with the polish

The color is One Day Without Blues.  The Toms promo is to have one day without shoes… get it…

If I were to pull out a box of Crayola crayons this is kind of mix between Cornflower Blue and Periwinkle.  There is a subtle pearlized finish on the polish that gives a hint of shimmer on the nails.  This was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.  The formula was fantastic, it covered my nails in two coats but I did three to see how it would layer.  I used a coat of Seche Vite on top.  Day three right now with only one small chip.  Impressive.

Just for fun I wanted to show how similar it was to the custom mixed blues in my right tattoo sleeve.  Pretty!

Good luck to those of you who missed the promo that lasted about 5 seconds.  If anyone is incredibly interested in this polish I may consider a swap of some kind? SOLD!  Just contact me through the comments or my email:

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One thought on “Essie One Day Without Blues

  1. Dana says:

    I love this polish and I am so upset that I missed the promo you were right it did last for about 5 seconds. My question is : ” do you still have this polish? If so how much are you willing to sell it for?”


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