China Glaze Crackle

This post is in need of a huge THANK YOU again to Polished Components, for having such an awesome giveaway that I won!  Yay!!

I was lucky enough to have my name pulled to win a three-bottle set of China Glaze crackle.  It composed of a base color, a crackle, and a top coat.

Here it is in the original packaging.

The base color is Liquid Leather (black), the crackle is Crushed Candy, and the top coat is clear Fast Forward

Here is Liquid Leather on its own, no top coat.  What a pretty shine it has all on its own! I used two coats.

After the base color fully dried, I applied my Crushed Candy crackle.  I find that the best application (for me) is to shake the bottle well first.  Then I start by applying a semi-thick layer of polish directly in the middle of the nail and then independent strokes on either side of the nail to cover completely.  Moments later you start to notice the separation of polish that takes on the crackle effect.  After about 5 minutes I applied my top coat.

I have been plotting numerous color combinations for Crackle, so those will be upcoming in the future.  Please add my Facebook if you’d like to follow the blog.  xoxo


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