Smashbox soft box lip gloss

Got a case of the Mondays?  My remedy was my new lip gloss!  Every day is like a holiday or birthday for a beauty blogger, there are always new things to discover and share with you.  Today I have a lip gloss collection by Smashbox.  It is part of their newest releases and includes six lip glosses at an amazing price (only $29!)

The collection is called the Softbox Lip Gloss Collection and it includes travel sized lip glosses in three of their best-selling colors aaaand…three brand new shades.  Yes!

• 4 Lip Enhancing Glosses
• 2 Limitless Long Wear Lip Glosses SPF 15

Here is the entire collection in it’s pretty “soft” Spring inspired box.

This is the top of the box that shows you the colors from left to right:

Brown Sugar, Glam, Illume, Afterglow, Infinite, 24/7

Here is a swatch of the glosses in that same L-R order, no flash

Same swatches, same order – with flash

Please note: on ALL of my photos you can click on them to enlarge.

Brown Sugar, Glam, and 24/7 are the new shades to the Smashbox lip gloss family.  I thought that on my hand when they were swatched they were all stunning colors.  I do believe however, that no review is actually complete with just a simple swatch like this… so I will be breaking them down by color, in order they are listed above as individual reviews.  Because for some reason, no two lip glosses are the same even when they are made by the same manufacturer.  Maybe it’s just me, but that has been my experience.  Also, some people may really only want one color which you can absolutely buy them individually as well.  So tomorrow you will see the first of the six, Brown Sugar, all on its own.

You can learn more about this product here.  Stay tuned by adding my Facebook and until next time xoxo

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