Smashbox Brown Sugar

Hello!  This feels VERY weird… I am on our OLD laptop that I didn’t even know could turn on anymore.  While I was at work today I guess my husband encountered a virus that shut down our desktop.  Whammy!  Luckily he found an amazing repair guy that is wiping it out and re-installing everything for us.  Phew.  My heart literally sank when he texted me that the computer wouldn’t turn on… omg.  Between me going to school online and this blog, I was slightly traumatized.  But here I am — up and running, thanks to our awesome repair guy who ripped the top panel off this laptop and got her working so we had something until our desktop is repaired. 

Alright my rant is now over.  Onto the review!  This is to get more details on the Smashbox lip enhancing lip gloss Brown Sugar that was from my Softbox collection of lip glosses.  I like doing each color individually, maybe it’s my OCD that takes over.  I just really don’t think a hand swatch tells the whole story of a lip gloss…

Trying to use constructive criticism from my readers (you!) that my photos have been too small.  All of my photos are click-able to see them larger, however, I should just give you the convenience of seeing them a big larger to begin with.  What do you think?

Here it is on the lips, with no flash.  Our bathroom has some funky lighting so this isn’t the best example.

Here is the same shot, same lighting with the addition of the camera’s flash.  I think this is a better representation of the gloss.  Smashbox considers this a “lip enhancing” gloss.  I do believe it is a lip enhancer for the fact that it’s not an opaque color, it gives a hint of color to enhance your natural lip color.  Wear time was freaking amazing.  I didn’t have to re-apply until after lunch, which is unheard of.  Because I drink a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, chew gum, talk on the phone, etc all before that time comes.  Normally I apply 2-3 times just before lunch… so pretty incredible.  By the end of the day I had only re-applied one more time.  Final rating was the best gloss I’d used.  Ever.  Literally.

Smashbox Softbox lip gloss collection was provided for review. 

More colors coming in the days ahead, plus I have some Alice in Wonderland nail art I’m going to try out… FUN!  To stay tuned, please add my Facebook to receive updates.


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