Spring nail art

In between all of these lip gloss reviews I had to throw some nails in.  A few days ago I gave in and pulled out the package of nail stickers I picked up at the swap meet for a dollar.  I know, getting all kinds of fancy up in here…

I used Essie – Not Just a Pretty Face as the base color and these nail stickers as decoration.  Topped off with Seche Vite.

The stickers were a little difficult to pull away from their backing.  I found that several of the flower petals folded over, and some ripped so I was unable to use them.  I did absolutely love the little pearls and I am thinking I need to suck it up and just order some flat back pearls for future nail art projects.  They were my favorite part of the manicure.  Unfortunately, even after applying top coat the stickers remained a bit “gummy” and after 24 hours was able to just peel them away from my polished nail.  It was fun while it lasted…


There will be more to come, I promise.  Stay tuned by checking back here or my Facebook.  xoxo


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