Bye Bye Pores

Happy Monday again my beauties!  I wanted to follow-up my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye post with Bye Bye Pores.  =)

Bye Bye Pores is an HD Silk Micro-Powder infused with Collagen, Vitamin K, and pure silk.  The goal is to have a perfectly pore-less and airbrushed finish after application.  As I kept reading about the product with the materials provided to me, I was pleasantly surprised to read about all the other amazing ingredients within: Vitamins A, C, and E; plus it is talc-free,   oil-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free.  Bonus.

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Now I have to be honest with you, I HATE showing my skin imperfections on this blog BUT I know that giving you close-ups helps demonstrate for those that have similar skin imperfections and help better serve the reviewing process for all parties… so I would appreciate some respect for putting my insecurities aside for the sake of beauty blogging!

my lovely enlarged pores – even after mineral foundation application… it just sank into those holes.  ugh.  this is Pre-Bye Bye Pores.

This is Post-Bye Bye Pores.  I’m not flawless and airbrushed but it did have moderate improvement for me.  I will try this again with a different arrangement of primer and foundation to see if I have better results.  Overall I think it works pretty good, not perfect like the Bye Bye Under Eye.  After an entire days worth of work and running around for 8 hours my face wasn’t shiny and I didn’t need to “touch-up” It did give me a more polished look.  I’m hoping that with some continued skin-care regimen alterations I should be more on my way to a smoother overall complexion that this product will only continue to enhance. It is not my favorite product I have ever used but I have faith that my application methods will also continue to improve the product usage.

Edit: After a full week of using these products, and the Bye Bye Pores in particular – it is fantastic.  It took me a few adjustments to figure out exactly how much product to apply but now I feel like I have accomplished a more finished, polished look.  Fan-freaking-tastic!

If you are curious to learn more about It Cosmetics you can on their website – they really have some of THE most intriguing products I have ever read about.  And I absolutely 100% without a doubt recommend the Bye Bye Under-Eye.  You may also see their products featured on QVC.

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