tokidoki Polpettina palette

Hurray – more tokidoki!  Today I have the Polpettina palette that was inspired by the Soda Shop print – warning – it is a limited edition and super cute!

The palette packaging is pretty much too cute for words.  I really can’t get over it…I want to just carry it around with me.

image from

As you can see, the great artistry that goes into their packaging and designs.  Plus you get a little Polpettina to clip to your phone, purse, keys, or whatever floats your boat.

There is a small two-sided brush included, but I prefer using my own Sephora brand brushes for application and blending.

hand swatches of the colors from L – R: Candy Cane (white), Polpettina (matte pink), LA Gun (dark blue-ish gray), and Adios (black)

I read ALL the reviews on the Sephora website and after trying it really cannot even begin to comprehend what exactly people were complaining about.  Overall it had great reviews, but there are always those few people who have a bad experience and try to ruin a good thing for everyone.  Ah, that’s what makes the world go round.  I felt that the shadows were smooth in texture and easy to apply.  Yes, the pink is fair – so it is probably hard to see on some darker skin tones… but the other three are SO pigmented it far outweighs that…

I’ve worn this look below for the entire day, and actually forgot to put on lid primer – with no issues!  Very slight gathering of pigment in my lids but not enough for me to really even notice unless I stuck my face right up against a dang mirror…

I think it looked pretty.  Hopefully I’m not the only one that thought that, lol

The palette is $25 which is a descent price for a four-color palette at Sephora, especially considering that it is a limited edition run.  Personally I love the collaborations that Sephora does like tokidoki and Kat Von D.  It provides us an opportunity to mix beauty, fashion, and personal style as a consumer.  I’m a happy girl who has yet to purchase or receive a product from any of the lines that I didn’t truly love.  Back to this particular collection – there are a lot of new and limited edition pieces like make-up cases, and some pretty amazing sets of product.  You can find the collection in Sephora stores or online.


2 thoughts on “tokidoki Polpettina palette

  1. Rebecca says:

    Very pretty! Just looking at the swatches I didn’t think it would look as pigmented as it did on your eyes. I like it! 🙂


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