Revlon – Black with Envy

Yesterday was a random shopping day for me and my husband.  First we wandered our local mall which has pretty much nothing in it.  The JCPenny salon which is normally packed to the brim with OPI was bare and nothing worth a second glance at Forever 21.  Next we browsed a strip mall, found nothing.  Finally ended up across town at K-mart.  No one else found anything but it turned out to be a pretty good score for me.  I found a teeny tiny end display that had a couple of bottles of the new Revlon Black with Envy.  I remembered reading about how this is a near-dupe for Chanel Black Pearl.  Now I do not have Black Pearl to compare it to simply because my husband would effing kill me if he ever found out I was crazy enough to even contemplate spending $25 on a bottle of nail polish that I would only wear a few times in my life.  So I, like many other women, hope for dupes or near-dupes to replace those shattered dreams…

$4.79 ain’t too shabby, at this price I could buy five polishes for the price of one Chanel

manicure with no flash, three coats of polish with no top coat

same manicure, three coats of polish with no top coat, with flash

extreme close-up

The color is a black base almost gun-metal color with some green, blue, and silver microscopic glitter.  The color is pretty but application for me was a pain.  My bottle’s formula was off – swapping from extremely watery to goopy.  My application was uneven, so naturally, I was frustrated.  Perhaps I did not shake/roll my bottle well enough?

I’m wondering how my Tronica polishes would look stamped over this.  🙂



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