When beauty tools go wild

I will come forth and admit that I love animal prints enough to have them on more things than just my nails.  When I heard that Tweezerman produced satin etched zebra print beauty tools my heart skipped a beat.

Tweezerman started up in 1980, when I was just a wee babe.  They are internationally known for producing top professional quality products that are available to all.  Not only do they produce outstanding products, but they back them up.  Did you know that if you purchase Tweezerman tweezers, nippers or scissors they will sharpen, repair or replace dulled tools free of charge?  Please click here for full details about the amazing policy.

It’s hard not to trust a company who has been successful for so long, and can offer such an amazing thing to their customers.  I remember when I was younger I would think that it would be smarter to buy a cheaper alternative product to save a few dollars.  All that did for me was force me to replace the items out of my own pocket again and again over time.  Anyone else experience that?  So you can rest assured that when you drop your money on a Tweezerman product that it should essentially last you for as long as you would ever use that product… just don’t misplace the darn thing.  🙂

So here we go, I wanted to show you all the pieces from the Satin Etched Zebra Tweezerman collection and tell you a little about each piece.


All Images are Protected and Copyrighted by Tweezerman, Inc

These tweezers are the world-famous “Slant” – fantastically sharp and accurate for even the teeniest tiniest stubbly that you could never get to before with your old tweezers.  I love Tweezerman tweezers so much that I keep a pair in my purse, at my desk at work, and another in my make-up box.  LOVE.  $25…



All Images are Protected and Copyrighted by Tweezerman, Inc

This nipper is THE key to giving yourself a real manicure at home.  Some women (and men) are blessed with having virtually no cuticle to care about.  Me, well… I have always had crazy cuticles that never die and all other cuticle nippers I used have just ripped skin off which was just horribly painful and dangerous.  This tool gives me a clean precise cut every time.  They help me feel better about polish swatching.  $30 for essentially a lifetime of use (refer to policy linked above.)  Amazing.


All Images are Protected and Copyrighted by Tweezerman, Inc


The small clipper is for your nails, the large is for toes.  They are strong enough even for my husband’s feet.  I will spare you any details.  They are also gentle enough for my two-year old’s fingers and toes.  That is a very comforting thing to know. $15 for the set.

What else do you need to know?  They’re sturdy, they’re easy to use, they’re easy to clean (and autoclave-able if need be) and they’re adorable.  I prefer them decorated because I know which ones are mine!  When I had roommates a while back some things would go missing, or mixed-up.  This helps with that.  Plus they are just really pretty.  Tweezerman has some really fun patterns right now for the tweezers.  One is super cute mini with polka-dots, and then there are three Betsey Johnson patterns… swoon.

Tweezerman makes other really outstanding products for grooming and they have some associations with amazing causes.  Please go to the Tweezerman website to learn more and pick-up your new tools!

Products provided for 100% honest review


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