Girlactik eye glaze

Sorry I didn’t post last night.  It was one of those days… today I am going to fill my day with cuddles, homework, and beauty blog things like getting this posted – painting my nails – and trying out more stuff!

The product is one of those simple items you want when you need to look like you put a tiny bit of effort into yourself before you ran out of the house.  This is an item I would include in a less than five-minute face routine.  It comes in a range of nine colors from a neutral shimmer that I tried called Chic to darker smokier colors in browns, purples, and blues.  It costs $18 per tube but I am learning now that usually products that cost more do last longer and work better.  Hate to admit it, but it’s been true to this point… I’ve always bought the more affordable eye shadows and always had difficulty with them showing even on my very fair skin.  These all contain shimmer and are easy to apply and blend.  I simply dabbed it on my lid and then used my finger tips to distribute.  I found that the neutral is also a nice subtle highlight for under the brow if I were to pair it in the future with some other products.  But today these are just photos of the product on its own.

the product size is equivalent to a tube of mascara.

color used: Chic

Personally I have days that I want to kind-of look like I’m wearing next-to-nothing.  This color was perfect for that.  A nice, natural, subtle shimmer.

I think this could be fantastic in the darker colors as well… but I will let you decide.  According to the Girlactik website Miley Cyrus is quite fond of this product in the color Sexy.

I will have one more Girlactik product review coming in the next day or so – on their skin tint moisturizer.

Learn more about Girlactik products on their website.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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