Spring flower nail art

So I hated my last manicure, so much so I didn’t even want to put it on my blog.  It went on my Twitter but no one responded and honestly I don’t blame you because they were sloppy.  My husband liked them ironically… so, less than a few hours later it was removed and re-done… completely re-inspired.  Originally it was going in one direction but it ended up in another but overall a pretty picture.

I used China Glaze Peace on Earth as my base color and Bundle Monster plate 03 – stamped with China Glaze Virtual Violet and Nics Sticks in a purple chrome

Then I added some Milani stick-on lime green rhinestones on a few of the nails and sealed with Seche Vite.

The funny thing is once I do a full manicure of nail art, my mind starts racing towards endless other options that I am dying to try out.  But I will keep these for about 24 hours and see where time takes me! (and my nails)

Everybody get some rest and I hope that no one comes down with a case of the Mondays.  xoxo


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