VISS beauty update

So I promised regular updates on my VISS beauty laser hair removal treatments.  Right after my initial post I did my first treatment on my thighs and bikini line.  I wasn’t sure what to expect during or after the first treatment but I can tell you this… that the system is much smaller than it looked in the photographs.  It wasn’t really painful, but this is coming from someone with a high pain tolerance.  I had it on the medium-high settings and would experience more of a “warm” sensation than a “zing” or pain.  It is supposed to take several treatments spread two weeks apart for almost three months until true results are experienced.  But last weekend I did my second treatment on my thighs, bikini line and my first treatment on my underarms.

I’ve got to say I am honestly seeing results already.  In truth I was someone who had to shave daily or else I was mortified.  Since my second treatment on my thighs and bikini line I have gone three days in between shaving and do not feel like a dirty hippie.  <insert happy dance> My underarms (sorry if this is TMI)  in summer would need to shave in the morning and again at night and of course then I would break out into a weird razor heat rash.  After only one treatment with VISS I didn’t experience that urge to bust out my razor, even though you are supposed to continue shaving in between treatments.  It’s bizarre.  Maybe I am having abnormally great results but I am so excited.  Next weekend will be my third treatment and it is very exciting to feel like there really may be a chance that I won’t feel like I am stuck with this curse of having thick, coarse, dark hair in places I do not ever want to see it again.  This product has made a true optimist out of me in only three weeks.

My next mission is to attempt the facial rejuvenation.  Now that I know I am seeing results so quickly with the hair removal, I am super optimistic about what this other cartridge has to offer me.

With the cost of waxing (at the rate of needing to repeat every 6 weeks, and figuring I would have waxed my legs and bikini area only… for one year it would have cost me almost $1000) so I can absolutely justify the expense for owning this at home especially knowing I can use it for the rest of my body.

Edit: note that the treatment for all three areas took less than ten minutes – awesome, amazing! 

Expect my next update in approximately a week.  xoxo

For more information about the product visit the VISS Beauty website.


3 thoughts on “VISS beauty update

  1. lisa says:

    the viss ipl did not work for me . no results what so ever . the hair did slow down but after 1 year i stopped treatments and all the hair grew back and it continues to grow as fast as before i used the unit. this is terrible. i am out all the money. i should have just gone for real laser treatments and saved the $545!!!


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