Boots expert Anti-Blemish

I swear, people.  That I am on a freaking mission to find a product that works just as well as Proactiv but is also way more affordable.

Previously I gave Arbonne FC5 a shot but after a month of using the samples that were given to me I found that I still had issues with my pore size and I just could not commit to spending the money on the product.  It was OK but I was not sold.  I continued my research and thought about Murad and Fresh but finally read about Boots expert Anti-Blemish products.  It would be amazing to be able to walk into a Target and buy what works instead of trying to make sure I have an extra forty bucks set aside for the next time I am at a mall that happens to have a Proactiv kiosk.  (my closest kiosk is 45 miles away)

For the past week I have been trying Boots expert Anti-Blemish 2-in-1 Scrub& Mask

followed with the Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam.

Together, both products would cost you less than twelve dollars!  So immediately that is a huge plus.  There are other complimentary products that you may consider, that I probably should have!  The other Anti-Blemish products include a concealer, a toner, a moisturizer, and a serum.  If you were to buy ALL of the items it would still be less than one large bottle of Proactiv face wash.

After one week I am noticing subtle changes.  I have had some break-outs but I honestly think it is from some overwhelming stress I have been experiencing.  It happens.  But on the brighter side of things the combination of these two products – used just one time per day have cut the break-out span.  Normally a blemish would want to take a vacation on my face if I wasn’t using Proactiv.  But I am seeing a complete cycle of appearance to disappearance in about 3 days which is pretty great especially for a new product and considering that my blemishes are normally extremely painful.  Our faces take time to adjust, it seems… well, at least mine seems to…

The mask I use only as a scrub in the shower and then follow-up with the foam.  The scrub isn’t overly abrasive in fact it feels quite nice as opposed to the Proactiv sandpaper feel I used to experience.  Then I dispense a single small pump of the foaming cleanser (I had to give mine a quick shake to make sure it was foam-y) and give my face a good rub.  Afterwards I feel so clean!  I don’t feel dried out or tight skinned like with some other products.  So far the biggest bonus hasn’t been complete elimination of blemishes because honestly that has yet to happen but my pores have practically diminished.  If I were to give my pores a percentage change then I would say they are literally 75% improved in just a week.

I really wanted to give this skin routine a shot before trying out my VISS Beauty facial rejuvenation and am going to stick with this routine for at least one full month to see how the results progress.  I plan on updating for each week how it is working.  I’m also hoping to get at least the moisturizer to add to this routine… so a trip to Target is in my near future.  The products can also be purchased on the Boots website.  They make a wide array of products from cosmetics to body care… and they make my favorite body scrub that smells so insanely delish!  Brazil Nut & Vanilla… mmmmmmmmmm drool

Products provided for 100% honest review


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