L.A. Girl USA eyeshadow

This weekend will probably be blog-less due to an overabundance of homework to do tomorrow (two essays), and Easter Sunday we are traveling for the day to see my family.  Eek!  So I will give you two posts today… to hold you over until Monday!  That’s fair, right?

I came home to a very cute package on my manicure table.  My husband is so great… when I get mail he places it strategically for me to view when I get home from the office.  See how cute?

The cool bag had silver stars on it.  Love it!

The first eyeshadow is L.A. Girl USA Mega Pearl Eyeshadow in Silver Fizz

it’s a very cool gunmetal color

The L.A. Girl USA website calls their Mega Pearl Eyeshadow as “Deep, Intense color for all day wear. Lustrous eyeshadw with light reflecting pearls.” Retail is $4 and they are cruelty free and it is available in 24 different shades from neutrals all the way to brights

The second eyeshadow is L.A. Girl USA Diamond Eyeshadow in Nightclub

it’s a navy blue with silver glitter

The website states that the Diamond Eyeshadow is, “Loaded with micro glitter to catch the light, giving your eyes a unique sparkle.” This retails for $5 but the pan is larger.  This comes in sixteen rich colors.

Here are the two together

I think I caught their true beauty in this photo

hand swatch with flash
hand swatch without flash

I used Silver Fizz in the middle of my lid and Nightclub in the outer crease.  On the inner corners of my eyes I used KVD Holy Bible, MAC Carbon to line the upper lid, and tokidoki Bruttino for the bottom lid.  Finished it off with my LORAC 3D lash mascara.

eyes closed – I loved this look.  The L.A. Girl USA eyeshadows blended really well with the other products.  I wanted to initially use them on their own but then wanted to use them with other products to compare how they would wear throughout the day.  No difference at all from a $5 shadow and a $16 shadow.  I’m super impressed with these.

L.A. Girl USA makes a ton of products for your face, nails and body.  If you don’t know where to purchase their products near you – you can order through their website.

I’ve ironically driven past their business several times because I live about 40 miles from there.  Maybe one day I can take a tour… how cool would that be!?!?  That would be a beauty blogger dream come true.  Would you want to read a post about a cosmetic manufacturer and see photos?  I think that would be really fun.

Have an amazing holiday weekend!  I may be doing some random postings on my Facebook and Twitter, so come join the fun.  xoxo

Products provided for 100% honest review


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