HoneyBelle bodybuffer

I’m about to test out a new product tonight for the very first time – and I wanted to let you know about it before an actual review because it is an approximate 30 day process before you start to see great results.  The product is called HoneyBelle bodybuffer.

From the website:

The HoneyBelle® bodybuffer

A breakthrough wellness/beauty device that exfoliates, soothes sore aching muscles, smoothes the skin and dramatically diminishes the appearance of cellulite in 30 days or less.

Key Features

Low-cost relative to other available therapies. Can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

It retails for $395 and your purchase  includes: The original HoneyBelle® bodybuffer with terrycloth bonnet, one 4 ounce tube of luxurious Après Contouring Crème, an instructional DVD, the owner’s manual, all tucked into the elegant carrying case.

Now to let you know (possibly a little too much about me) – – – I am a cellulite victim.  Sadly, I am so embarrassed by it that as far back as I can remember I never wore a bathing suit without shorts over them.  Despite losing a significant amount of weight / 65 lbs, it is still troubling me.  Actually even more so now that I’ve lost the weight.  I do daily leg conditioning exercises and have had absolutely zero results with that on its own.  The only thing I ever had very slight improvement with was with Bliss scrub bars but I went through them so fast I would spend almost $150 per year on soap and still not want to put on a bathing suit.

So I am on a beauty mission.  To try this product for 30 days and hopefully see enough improvement that on my trip to Reno in June I wont have a panic attack thinking about taking off my knee-length board shorts at the pool.  I’ve got a lot of hope going in and will do my best to provide any improvements and updates I am experiencing on this cellulite banishing journey!

If you would like to learn more specifics about the product, there is a very informative video and FAQ just click this link!

There are even scientific breakdowns of what cellulite is and exactly how this product works.  Fingers crossed!  Stay tuned… xoxo

Product provided for 100% honest review


8 thoughts on “HoneyBelle bodybuffer

  1. Diane says:

    Does it help rid the body of cellulite, or does it just diminish its appearance? I am looking to purchase this, and your personal reviews are very important to me. Just wondering how it works.


    • beautybesties says:

      Hi Diane,
      In my personal appearance diminishing the appearance is ridding the body of cellulite. This buffer is much different than a cream. It is literally buffing the cellulite away, but the reality is – after your cellulite “goes away” you need to keep buffing on a regular basis. A) because it feels great! and B) because the buffing is what makes the cellulite go away and STAY AWAY. I hope this helps!! It really does work. I wouldn’t endorse something if I didn’t truly think it was good. When I don’t like a product I contact the company and tell them I will not post anything about them at all… just FYI… I was not paid to write anything. The posts are all my personal opinion and honest review from using the product.


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