Tända ZAP

Wow.  Hello, weekend.  I have to work this weekend which will put me at 10 days straight of working 10 hour days.  My vacation upcoming is well deserved.

Also, thanks to my Tända ZAP my face has cleared up significantly!  For my loyal return readers you probably know my struggles with skin care products and trying a few different brands and routines over the past few months.  Those changes, along with my chaotic work/school/family schedule have wreaked serious havoc on my skin lately.  I was lucky enough to try out the new Tända ZAP and experienced some success in clearing it all up.

from the website:


•Eliminates acne bacteria
•Helps prevent future breakouts
•For all skin types & tones
•Starts clearing blemishes immediately

this is the part you put on your face…

Don’t look into the light!  Literally, it says that in the manual.

more from the website:

•Powerful blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria.
Gentle vibration and warming help open pores so bacteria have nowhere to hide.
No dryness. No irritation. No pimple.

Light – 414nm blue LED light kills the acne-causing bacteria
Heat – A warming effect opens up pores so that the light can reach more bacteria
Sonic Vibration – Increases microcirculation to help reduce swelling, inflammation and redness

Other than the few moments it took me to get the batteries inside of the device, it was incredibly easy to use.  You just push the orange power button and place the light on your blemish until the subtle vibration and light come to a stop.  That takes two full minutes.  I use that two minutes to do some leg exercises.  lol

Retail is $49 and is available through their website and beauty retailers like Sephora!

Now I have to admit to you it worked on MOST of my blemishes – not all.  It states in the packaging that it’s not ideal for cystic acne which I occasionally have.  So for those, it did not diminish it in 24 hours but it did improve them and helped them somehow surface so it decreased their normal stay.  For all my other normal blemishes, I did one to three treatments over a period of 24 hours and they were gone.  The amount of time and treatments depended on the blemish itself.

It’s not a miracle but it’s really freaking cool.  I only saw one blemish that was gone in a matter of hours.  The rest it took 24 hours or so, then the exception of the cystic acne that subtly improved then took three full days of treating 2-3x/day for full treatment.  What I love about it?  There was no drying products I had to put on my face to get rid of them, so I didn’t look like I recently had a chemical peel on my face.  What don’t I love about it?  That it doesn’t last forever.  From what the manual states it will eventually just stop working because it’s technically restricted to a lifespan of a certain number of treatments… so you would have to replace it at some point.  But if you rarely get breakouts and want speedy help without having to use drying products then it’s a great option.  I think it’s definitely handy to have one, just because.  I would for sure rather have this to use for breakouts than super harsh products that just screw up the rest of my skin that was around the blemish.  Sometimes the aftermath of trying to treat a blemish is worse than actually having the blemish to begin with.  At least that was how I used to feel before I tried this.

Overall, I think everyone’s skin is different but I also believe it’s worth a shot.  I saw good results so you just might, too!

To learn more about the product please click this link.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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