I Know What Boys Like

Here is my 2nd Debora Lippmann polish from the summer collection, it is called I Know What Boys Like.  It’s a “playful periwinkle” creme, per the website.  In my opinion it is a yummy blueberry color.  And I abso-freaking-lutely love it.  It’s dark, but bright at the same time.  I am obsessed with colors that I can wear as alternatives to black polish.  Now it’s not that dark, but it’s deep and rich.  Plus I think this is going to look amazing with sandals on my feet, also on my fingers with holo stamping or light-colored crackles.  Oh the fun I am going to have with this polish!!!!

This is three coats of I Know What Boys Like with a Seche Vite top coat.

Photo taken with flash.

In person I think this has a bit more of a royal blue base with a hint of periwinkle/purple.  Personally I have absolutely nothing else even remotely close to this color, so it’s absolutely worth the price tag to me.  I am about to get dressed & go to Nordstrom this afternoon just so I have a back-up bottle… because I am too impatient to order online.  For real.  I fear this will soon be sold-out & extinct. I would actually fall into a depression if I ran out of this color I like it so much.  I might just have to pick up Glitter in the Air too if I’m lucky enough to find it while I am there.

Deborah Lippmann polish retails for $16 and is available on the Deborah Lippmann website or at retail stores like Nordstrom.

Product provided for 100% honest review.


One thought on “I Know What Boys Like

  1. Rebecca says:

    Pretty! Love the color! I have yet to buy a Deborah Lippman polish but I’m getting closer and closer to ordering Glitter In The Air.


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