HoneyBelle bodybuffer update

I’m three days of use into the HoneyBelle bodybuffer and wanted to do ongoing updates… so here is what I wanted to share for day 3

It comes in a case which I love.  All the other beauty electronics I have used do not, and you either have to store it in its original packaging or find a good home for it somewhere in your house.

It needs to stay plugged into an outlet for usage so I do mine in the bathroom.  I have very small hands so I have to keep one hand on each handle or somehow do a King Kong grip around the smallest part of the buffer.  The buffing is very powerful and it takes some strength to keep it where you want it, so it’s actually like a bonus workout.

This may gross some of you out so I just did a very small edit.  I’m sorry if this is TMI but I know some women need to see I actually have this so they can see before & after photos. My cellulite is deep so that’s just an example of what the HoneyBelle beauty buffer is up against…

After you’re done buffing your body your skin may be pink.  Mine is because I am extremely pale, but it subsides quite quickly.  You want to use the contouring cream afterwards for best results.  It smells like an orange grove – so delish.

I’m only on day three so I have yet to see some phenomenal changes but I have to admit I FEEL changes.  My normal workout routine is a 20-40 minute daily walk and some calisthenics/7 days a week.  After my first use I felt like a ran a freaking marathon because my legs essentially got a deep tissue massage.  It doesn’t hurt, it feels really freaking good.  That kind of sensation where you know it’s doing something good for your body but you can’t quite put it into words…

The plan is to have an update every few days.  So I will post again about this soon.  In the meantime if you want to learn more about the HoneyBelle bodybuffer please visit their website!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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