Nail Fraud

I have been MIA from this blog since Wednesday, technically.  Needed a vacation.  So, I spent three days at the happiest place on earth – Disneyland!  Even though I contemplated starting a separate Disney blog, I shall spare my beauty friends of that and share with you the trial I did while I was on vacation: Nail Fraud.

Since I am incredibly brutal on my nails while I am at Disneyland since I am a huge kid at heart and have a child of my own that I am chasing around while we’re there, I figured what better test than to put on some nail decals before I go?  They are said to last up to a week and I figured since three days at Disneyland is equivalent to one week in normal life.

Each package comes with 20 stickers and are insanely easy to use.  They are very flexible and thin and after my first nail it was a breeze to get the rest of them done.

The entire application took me less than ten minutes which is a normal painted manicure for me anyways.  I literally just peeled away the clear wrap from each sticker as according to the size of my nails and pressed them against a clean nail.  Then I used an nail file to remove the access.  I noticed the access tended to come away quite smoothly and somewhat on its own – like it knew!  I did apply a clear coat even though it was not in the instructions.  This photo above is immediately after application.

Here they are 72 brutal Disney hours later.  I think they look pretty damn good, I am not even itching to replace them yet.  There is super minimal tip wear from the barbaric events they went through over the past three days.  I’ve experienced no folding, no bubbling, and no peeling either. Sorry the “after” photo is so weird-looking compared to the first… I am literally exhausted.

Are they fun?  Yes.  They come in some really cool patterns like hearts, peace signs, and hundred dolla bills y’all!

Would I wear them again?  Absolutely.

Do I recommend them?  At $12 for a 20 pack I would reserve them for special occasions and or trips where you don’t want to tote your mani tools with you.  However, for ladies that may spend that minimum at a nail salon every week – then heck to the yes.  You need all of them and stop paying that lady to give you a plain color that only lasts a few days.

Want to learn more about them?  Visit

Product provided for 100% honest review


4 thoughts on “Nail Fraud

  1. Rebecca says:

    Those look so cool! And I loooovvveeee Disneyland! My hubby and I don’t even have any kids but we go at least once a year and always have so much fun. It is indeed the Happiest Place on Earth. 🙂


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