My first bad review!

So eventually it had to happen, I had to write a bad review.  It is actually for a product I purchased about a month ago.  Unfortunately for me I read the reviews on their website and believed them like a freaking idiot, and am now disappointed and stuck with a fifty dollar product that did absolutely nothing but make me uncomfortable for the past thirty days.

I’m tempted to say their name but I don’t want to be sued for slander.  If you happen to figure it out, then good for you – DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.  If you want to know who I ordered from go ahead and email me I will be happy to give you the MULTIPLE scam names they have online and will advise you against all of their products because they are a joke.  They sell make-up too so please be cautious!

Disappointment from the product itself aside – the company is a bunch of a holes.  The advertisement on the website stated it would arrive with two gifts (after care and applicator) plus it stated it was charging me for overseas shipping even though it was sent from Florida to California?  How the heck is that International?  So that was an extra ten bucks that was unnecessary.  It arrived fast but without my promised gifts.  I had even added in my order that I was a beauty blogger – hoping that they would take that into account.  Apparently they didn’t give a crap.  I emailed them back saying hey wtf – why did you charge me too much for shipping and not give me the stuff that was advertised on your website.  Customer service never even responded.  F_YOU!

So what I ordered is something called TCA which stands for (trichloroacetic acid) it is a non-prescription strength peeling agent that was supposedly supposed to start the removal process of some of my tattoos. In reality?  View photos below…

I started with an application to my wrist tattoos.  You are supposed to apply the TCA with a q-tip and then leave it for four minutes before washing it off with soap and water.  During that four minutes the skin appears to frost over in white from the acid and has an intense burning sensation.  Like a horrible sunburn where you experience hot flashes and body chills.  I was literally sweating.  Shortly after the skin surrounding the tattoo turned a dark red as seen above.

This is about five days after application.  The skin got very wrinkle-y and tight.  It was sore with every movement and the skin started to crack.  I was overly hopeful at this point and made the idiotic decision of applying it to the lettering on my chest…

Obviously it burned a hole right through my skin.  A few weeks later after everything completed peeling and me wanting to cry with every single tiny breath I took from the sensitivity it caused, I am somewhat healed.  I had to apply neosporin 2x a day minimum so I wouldn’t horribly scar.  Nothing is faded, not even the slightest.  According to the product packaging and website it stated it would start to fade after the first application.  I’m not going to even try a second to find out because this process was far worse than getting the tattoo and healing it in the first place.

So take this as your warning.  Luckily I didn’t end up horribly scarred but you might.  This stuff is dangerous and should not be sold for domestic usage.  I am idiot for attempting this to begin with.

Save your money for laser removal or just deal with what you have.  Apparently I will be wearing my winter work wardrobe every summer for the rest of my life… because it would cost me a fortune to remove all of my tattoos with professional laser removal.  Buying a home for my family is more important.

Do not buy TCA for tattoo removal.  Save your money.

/end rant


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