HoneyBelle bodybuffer week 2

Happy hump day my beautiful readers!  I wanted to do an update on my HoneyBelle bodybuffer that I started using almost exactly two weeks ago.  In my last report I filled you in a bit on how it felt, what was included, etc.  This time I want to give you an actual update on my thoughts, experience, and results since I have been using it consistently.

For starters, using it has become much easier.  I have found a routine and a comfortable way of holding the bodybuffer so I am able to easily access my troubled areas.  The rotation of the buffer and pressure from pushing it against my skin feels like a deep tissue massage and I SO look forward to it at the end of every day.  It is a great stress reliever in addition to it battling cellulite.  You should advertise that, HoneyBelle!

I’ve been using it on my arms, mid-section, rear, and thigh areas.  In just two weeks I have noticed significant improvements.  However, in addition to starting the use of the HoneyBelle bodybuffer it has somehow encouraged my brain into doing better things for myself.  Mostly I am assuming the psychology behind wanting it to work so badly, that I am willing to make other improvements in my life such as controlling my portions as opposed to extreme dieting as well as upping my walking routine from 20 minutes a day to one hour per day.  I have to say, I feel fantastic.  After a long day on my feet in high heels (and after cruising Disneyland for three days straight) this bodybuffer feels amazing.

So far my arms are feeling firmer.  My mid-sections love handle effect has been virtually eliminated and my “pooch” has decreased a bit.  The rear end has lifted a bit to my surprise which in my opinion is always a good thing.  I’m happier with a perkier booty.  The thighs were my biggest concern coming into this trial and while I still see cellulite my legs are literally changing shape.  They appear much more structured and my saddlebags are GONE.  Each night as I look in the mirror and apply the after cream I think to myself, “I really will be able to wear shorts this summer.”  I started looking at bathing suits online because I am confident that this machine is going to get me where I want to be…

The realistic side of this is that you can’t expect the machine to do it on its own.  You need to do some work, too.  No extreme dieting necessary but use common sense.  We all know when we put something bad into our mouths.  We are all responsible for getting some type of physical activity into our lives… we are human, it is pretty important.  So if you take care of your body, it will take care of you!

I can hardly wait to give you my next update.  So far, it is great.  I’m very excited!  😀

Image from HoneyBelle website

If you want to learn more about the HoneyBelle bodybuffer please visit their website.

Product provided for 100% honest review


2 thoughts on “HoneyBelle bodybuffer week 2

  1. tamtam says:

    I was wondering if we could see an AFTER result using the body buffer. I have the same problem. I am young, pale and with huge dents in my thighs. Is it worth the $400??


    • beautybesties says:

      Hi there – it sounds like you and I have a lot in common! If you are serious about purchasing this and seeing results I would wait a few more weeks… until I have completed my 30 days. Right now I am about two and a half weeks in and while I have seen some significant toning of my legs I have seen some subtle changes in cellulite but it is not gone completely. With the improvements I have seen so far I am hopeful that my ongoing results will continue to improve. Please stay tuned I will try and do weekly updates on the product and results! Thank you for stopping by and feel free to ask any questions… xo


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