bodycology®’s new Warm & Cozy Sock Set is a delightfully thoughtful gift for mom that includes a 2oz body cream, 2oz body mist and a pair of cozy socks. The sock set is available in a variety of soothing and uplifting fragrances that will indulge her senses, such as Sweet Petals, Cherry Blossom, White Gardenia, Cucumber Melon, Sunshine Daisy and Brown Sugar Vanilla. The Warm & Cozy Sock Set retails for $5 and can be purchased at Walmart.

(info above provided by PR)

I was sent a set of this that arrived just after Mother’s Day.  It was just what my feet and body wanted after that trip to Disneyland.

I received the set in Cherry Blossom.  I loved the images and the packaging.

Some more afford-ably priced creams are not creams at all, but this was thick and luscious.

Now I’m not a huge scent-girl.  I do not own a SINGLE perfume or spray other than having this now.  However I love the idea of keeping this in my gym bag.

Relaxing in my new hot pink super soft socks.  This are ridiculously comfortable.  I immediately replaced these for my at-home footwear and got rid of my bootie slippers.

Definitely need to get MY mom a pair of these so she can have some pampering of her own.

The scent: Cherry Blossom

Being that I do not wear scents.ever.  I didn’t mind this, where as most scented items make me want to gag or give me a headache.  It was actually kind of neat to hear my husband ask what the scent was because he typically doesn’t notice anything.  lol

The packaging was adorable – in a clear box with a bright pink ribbon.  I’m sorry I was so excited for my Mother’s Day gift that I opened it before I snapped a photo.

You can actually get a FREE sample of Bodycology now at Walmart online.  Also a side note I saw a great display of Bodycology items at Super Target yesterday on the same aisle as their Boots products.

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Enjoy your Sunday.  xoxo


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