Nutra Nail Flex-Shield Nail Hardener

When I found out I had the chance to review Nutra Nail Flex-Shield Nail Hardener, I really couldn’t have been more excited.  I am one of those girls who loves to do her nails.  Heck, I even blog about it.  BUT my nails are naturally on the thin side, quite flimsy, and as soon as they started to get near the edge of my actual finger length-wise they would break.  So I put a lot of pressure onto this little bottle of Flex-Shield Nail Hardener to see some real results.

What I love about this product is that it is clear.  It is meant to be used as a base coat and a top coat if you choose.  You can even just wear it on its own, it gives an incredible shine to the nail all by itself.  So you can literally apply this in layers and feel the strength building onto your nail.  If you have naturally thick strong nails you have no idea what I mean.  But for a girl who can normally watch her nail bend and break then to experience that I can apply extreme pressure to her nails or open a can of soup without having to use a utensil to avoid nail breakage – all after one application?  Come on, you can’t dream something this good.

Flex-Shield Nail Hardener has a SRP of $4.98 and is available at Walmart and other national drugstore chains.

I literally need to buy a case of this stuff so I never run out.  I’m actually watching my nails grow now.  This is very exciting.  Especially for my nail art that got ripped off due to my short nail length.  Oh this is one of my favorite finds so far!  Highly recommended for those of you that need some help in the nail strength department!!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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