Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair

I have to start off this post with a paragraph of this product that PR sent me:

Beauty Crisis Averted – Instant Smudge Repair
How many times have you left the nail salon, reached for your wallet, keys, or coat and accidentally smudged your nails?  Or even worse, spent time doing your nails at home, thought they were dry, but wound up with a ding, ping or smudge? And let’s not forget going to bed with presumably dry nails only to wake up with those infamous bed sheet marks. After investing time and money on a professional manicure, or prioritizing your schedule to polish your nails at home, there really is nothing worse! 

So for real, I am a huge klutz when it comes to my nails.  I sometimes have to re-do them more than one time because I am SO impatient.  I’ve tested this product on small and severe “smudges” so here are my thoughts….

Again from PR: “This miracle formula literally brushes away smudged, nicked, smeared, or dented polish in a snap. Just brush over the manicure mishap and instantly restore polish to a smooth, shiny finish without removal or reapplication of polish.”

From me: This literally does brush away smudges in a snap if they are minor. Let’s say we are talking about a finger imprint or a small lift of polish on the tip of a nail, yes it works.


Finger imprint before Instant Smudge Repair

Here is the same finger after a quick coat of Instant Smudge Repair – tada!

When I tried it on something major (insert: majorly stupid on my part that I went to try a pair of pants on while my nails were wet) the results weren’t quite as perfect… see below…


BIG OOPS before Instant Smudge Repair

Here is the BIG OOPS after a coat of Instant Smudge Repair

In my opinion that is some serious and significant improvement from that major hack job I did to myself.  So yes, it works but it depends on how severe you messed up your manicure.  At least after a coat of Instant Smudge Repair I was able to apply a thin coat of color and not have it looked like a total botch job.  So it is definitely something I am happy to have in my manicure arsenal because I honestly do this type of thing all too often.

Nutra Nail® Instant Smudge Repair has a SRP of $3.29 and is available at Walmart, CVS and other national drugstore chains

Product provided for 100% honest review


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