VISS Beauty 4th treatment update

Hello, everyone!  I’m back today with another update on my VISS Beauty at-home laser hair removal treatments.  A few days ago I completed my 4th treatment and I am still seeing some improvement.

I have been wanting to show you how petite the entire system actually is.  On the VISS Beauty website the photos are a bit misleading because they make the product seem larger, which initially scared the heck out of me.  As I waited for it’s arrival I thought, “where am I going to store this freaking thing?”  But it arrived and was just the right size.  That was a happy surprise.

Here is the portion that you actually use on your skin.  It is nice because it covers quite a bit of area but it is completely flat.  With that being said, it took me a few times to figure out how to get particular areas done because if it is not lying totally flat against your skin the laser will not allow itself to flash.  So if you are treating an area like your knees for instance you have to flex your leg very straight to be able to place it correctly.

The instructions say to basically avoid overlapping “flashes” if possible.  In reality, you’re not doing yourself harm.  If you try to guesstimate where you are treating on the back of your leg, good luck.  You will end up like I am now… on your fourth treatment seeing amazing fantastic results on the areas you happened to hit repeatedly with every treatment (I’m on day three with no hair re-growth in some areas – this is a miracle for me!)  but then you will also have patches of hair growth because you did not happen to catch it every time.  The good part is I’m comfortable enough to not care and will just spend an extra few minutes making sure every area that I can cover, is covered.  Simple as that.

I did also try and use the face rejuvenation bulb but unfortunately due to the flat surface it is very hard to get the system to flash because our faces are not flat.  So if anyone has any tips on that one please throw them my way.

Overall in two months I am seeing some great results.  I have areas that used to re-grow hair in 12 hours or less now with no growth in 3 day spans (and counting!) there are areas where hair is re-growing but the hair is much softer to the touch, and there are areas that I totally missed because I apparently needed to realize I completely missed areas for me to pay more attention to what I am doing with this thing.

This is very exciting — can’t wait to keep updating all of you as the treatments continue!

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3 thoughts on “VISS Beauty 4th treatment update

  1. Sheryl says:

    When trying to do areas that aren’t flat (knees, face, etc.) you can place a finger over the metal sensor above the flash to trick the sensor that its touching skin. Good luck.


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