Hard Candy 24k eyeliner

Today I have for you Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner in 24k.  Would you believe I had never had an eyeliner before?  This is my first eyeliner, ever.  On that note – here we go!

Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner

24k is a bronze toned gold

Here is a swatch on my hand.  It applies smoothly and I love how you can see some gold flecks in this photo up close.

You can see it here on my eyes – upper and lower lid.  The few times I applied it, I made sure to go back over it about 2 or 3 times for a nice thick line.  I’ve worn it on its own as shown above and also as a lower lid liner on multi-colored looks.  (sorry no photo I was exhausted that day)

My official review: I think eyeliner is pretty neat.  I don’t have to worry about getting out my liner brush and hoping the shadow I want to use as a liner will work right.  This particular liner applied smoothly and for it being a light color held all day long (12 hours!) So that was pretty gosh darn impressive to me.  My only negative is that it is a pencil you have to sharpen which I never even thought about.  I don’t own a sharpener.  I’ve only used it 3 times and need to sharpen it already.  But I guess I can find one cheap enough.  Overall, I like it.  But I think my next purchase will be either a gel or a pen liner.

Purchased at Walmart for $5


3 thoughts on “Hard Candy 24k eyeliner

  1. ninatinnablog says:

    No, I don’t believe this is your first eyeliner!!! haha
    and hey what a coincidence, I blogged about Hard Candy today too! Have you tried anything else from Hard Candy? Their blushes seem cool.

    For a really long lasting gel liner, I recommend Inglots. For a good liquid liner, I like Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner. It has a really nice fine point to make thin or wide lines.

    ❤ Tinna


    • beautybesties says:

      It really is, I promise! haha
      Heading over to your blog, now…
      Thank you for the tips on liners – I need the 411. I’ve heard amazing stuff about Inglot products I need to look into them!!
      ❤ Michelle
      PS Yes I have reviewed a bunch of Hard Candy stuff I love their quad blush!


      • ninatinnablog says:

        Inglots is pretty cool and relatively cheap. I went to the store in Vegas and the SA said it’s because they don’t shell out money for high-profile celeb models like MAC does.

        I think it’s a trip to Newport Beach for you! or..you might as well go to Vegas, lol!


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