HoneyBelle bodybuffer week 3

So three weeks into using the HoneyBelle bodybuffer I feel like I have SO much to say but I will try and stay focused for you…

Let me start off my saying I am an official loser for repeatedly missing the information that states it is recommended to use this twice a day.  I’ve been using it once a day and have seen some pretty great results, so now that I have just started using it twice a day I know it will be a more amazing transformation.

There have been many good points to using it such as:

  • with the more you use it, it gets easier to find a routine “practice makes perfect”
  • it simply feels great
  • I’m in better shape, literally.  I’ve dropped a pant size!
  • on that note my most significant improvement has been my tummy

On my biggest trouble area (my thighs) I have to admit I was a severe case.  Not just cellulite.  We’re talking dents in my leg cellulite.  So ANY improvement over just three weeks is remarkable.  Yes, I still have cellulite.  Has it improved?  Absolutely.  The dents I noted early are smaller and I can see that the highly populated cellulite areas are breaking up.  It is pretty crazy to see how every day it looks a bit different.

Now that I know that I will see greater results with using it twice a day, and I am much more comfortable holding and using the bodybuffer I am absolutely confident that I will continue to see improvements.  I’m excited to continue this transformation and am grateful to have the opportunity to (in my eyes) change my life.

In this economy not everyone is fortunate enough to afford extreme beauty tools but if I had been on the outside reading my reviews, I would have a piggy bank to save up for one.  Because for those of you reading this, I am you.  I know the embarrassment and self-confidence issues that cellulite causes.  Just like you want beautiful skin on your face, you want to have it everywhere.  We want glowing cheeks – on both ends.  🙂

I also wanted to bring to your attention that there is a new version of the bodybuffer… a mini!  “BabyBelle”  GENIUS!!!   Here is a link to the article!  It is going to be perfect for those of you that travel often or just want to be a little bit more on the “down low” with your treatments.


Image from http://www.bellebodybuffer.com/

Stay tuned – next week I will do another update!  You can follow the results by adding me on Twitter or Facebook.  xoxo

Product provided for 100% honest review


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