HoneyBelle bodybuffer week 4 results

I have had many new readers that I believe come to my blog solely to check-up on my status updates and results for using the HoneyBelle bodybuffer.  To let all of you know, I have not completed using the bodybuffer, and honestly I don’t think I will ever be done because I think this is an amazing product.  But here I am at week 4 of use, so here is my update and results as of right now!

To go back to the beginning I will be honest.  My cellulite / saddle bag / tummy pooch situation was so embarrassing that I took “before” photos and cried, and cried, and cried.  Then I deleted them because I couldn’t stand to look at them let alone be brave enough to post the on the internet.  My leg cellulite situation was what some may term “cottage cheese” and it started right behind my knee and continued literally all the way up until my lower back.  I had severe saddle bags on my thighs, which in my opinion were like large portions that protruded out from the top of my thigh and was the worst of my cellulite areas that was visible through slacks and jeans.  Because of my situation I hadn’t really worn a pair of shorts that weren’t Bermuda style in about 20 years.  Today, I can say that even though it is not all gone I am confident enough to shop for these products because I know that with this continued regimen I will be comfortable enough to wear not only shorts but possibly even an actual bathing suit.

My tummy was not just a tummy, it was love handles, and a tire situation.  Every time I wore jeans I had a large overlap of skin that made me so unbelievably insecure about wearing clothing that I never really even shopped for anything other than business attire.  I’ve been using the HoneyBelle bodybuffer daily for 4 weeks.  The first three weeks I only used it once per day, this last week I have used it twice per day.  In addition to the bodybuffer I have been walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week and doing approximately 10 minutes of additional calisthenics on those days.

P.S. these photos were taken during “my time” of the month, which is usually my most bloated insecure few days and I was still feeling up enough for these photos.  Also this bodybuffer feels SO incredibly on a sore achy back during those cramp times.

Here are some visual results for you – yes visual.  I am actually at a point where I am not horrified to share these photos!  That alone is a miracle!

the tummy has decreased significantly

my saddle bag issue  increased by (if I were to get technical) 90%

yes I still have cellulite on my upper thigh but wouldn’t believe that it was literally 100% worse than that before and that the cellulite covered my entire leg before so this is a huge HUGE improvement.

I’m having a mild panic attack that I am actually posting these photos online so please be gentle lol

My skin is softer and the results are daily it is so amazing to use this and see everyday how much better it looks and the best part is… how much better I feel about myself.  When I started this journey 4 weeks ago I wore a size 6/8 jean from Old Navy.  The other day I bought a size 4!  It’s pretty incredible what are bodies are capable of if we take care of them right.  So do your body good and your body will be good to you!  I’m going to continue with updates of my use of this product for my own and your own curiosity.  I know even more great things are coming!

For updates please check back or you can sign up for my Facebook or Twitter to see what my newest posts are.  xoxo

For more info on the HoneyBelle bodybuffer please visit their website

Product provided for 100% honest review


3 thoughts on “HoneyBelle bodybuffer week 4 results

  1. GSPR says:

    So glad you are getting great results from HoneyBelle (R) bodybuffer. It’s a breakthrough beauty/wellness body tool that was amazing benefits> helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite > massaging and soothing sore muscles > exfoliating, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin > decreasing edema by increasing lymphatic drainage + other wellness benefits..


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