Guy De On skin care

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Guy De On skin care products.  I have to admit it was a new name to me, so I had no clue what to expect but I have had very surprising results!

The first thing I tried was the purifying cleanser.  You actually apply it like a cold cream and then rinse it off.  It’s very refreshing!

This is my favorite out of all the products I tried.  It is stated on the bottle that it is an eye cream but the box also says you should apply it to your neck, so I have been.  My eyes and neck are usually drier areas of my face, and this has eliminated that in just one week!  It is also helping with some fine lines that I started developing as I head into my 30’s.

Day cream has actually taken the place of my make-up primer.  For real.  I feel like it gives me the perfect amount of moisture and adds a bit of glow for under my make-up.

Night cream.  Typically I get confused or lazy when there are multiple creams but this is forcing me to get the hang of it.  I guess it really does work because my skin looks better.

Last up is the facial mask.  Holy canoli I loved this stuff.  It made me feel like I was at a spa.  You leave it on for various amounts of time depending on your skin type.  After seven minutes I looked like I’d had a 30 minute facial, it was pretty gosh darn cool.  It looks gross because it’s a dark olive green but it wasn’t horrible to remove, just used a little bit of the cleanser and water.  Felt fantastic.

Guy De On skin care is stated as being Natural care from the Dead Sea. Paraben & formaldehyde free.

“Guy De On is a unique skin care collection based on the proven efficacy of the Dead Sea Minerals. These new products take the natural, pure minerals of the Dead Sea and infuse them with essential oils and vitamins for the ultimate in rejuvenation. “

I’ve checked and you can purchase the products online at  the Guy De On site, CVS and Walgreens retail between $20 and $35 per product

On a side note I have always had horrible luck purchasing just one of several items from a collection.  Apparently collections are created for a reason (at least skin care is) because they are meant to work together and benefit from one another.  I’ve tried them together and they work together.  I’m looking forward to continuing using the products.  Now when I look at skin care products I have an all or nothing attitude about them, but that is because of my own experiences.  Every person and their skin is different!

Overall I experienced pore shrinkage, skin glow, and texture improvement.  It was a win for me.

Have you ever tried Guy De On products?  What are your favorites?  Share your story!

You can learn more about Guy De On products by clicking on this link.

Products provided for 100% honest review


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