Sally Hansen Salon Effects review/video

Hello and good afternoon my beautiful friends!  I have a post for you today that I am super excited about.  I bring to you today Sally Hansen Salon Effects Designer-Inspired Collection.

This collection included five different designs…  Today I am highlighting two of the collection for you to see.

To start off by letting you know each box of Salon Effects comes with 16 nail decals, a cuticle stick, and a nail file.  Those are all the tools you need to have awesome nail art!

This design is called Show Your Stripes.  It is a black and silver chevron striped / dotted pattern that looks like a disco on your nails.  Awesome?  YES.

The second design I used is called Check, Please!  LOVE these, I have Vans that match them.

Here are the three other patterns from the collection.

From left to right: Wicked Bamboo (white and neutral vertical stripes), Ay Ay Captain (navy and white horizontal stripes), and Don’t Get Catty (pink on pink leopard)

Each nail takes about a minute to do so your whole manicure from start to finish including the non-existent dry time is ten minutes. I absolutely positively love these.  They’re not for every day of the year but I think they are ideal when I am traveling.  It is great to not have to think about nail polish while you are away, and you know your nails will look great on the days you are away from home.

For some reason I was inspired by these to do a how-to apply video and posted it on YouTube a few minutes ago.  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Do you like the video?  Would you want to see more videos from me?  What type of videos do you want to see?

Products provided for 100% honest review


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