Don’t know what to get for Father’s Day?

I have some ideas for you!  A variety of simple and more extravagant gifts.

1. Spa day.  Yes, a spa day.  Who doesn’t like getting a massage on their back and feet?  Whether he is a stay at home dad or out in the fields every day; he is a hard-working father who deserves some potentially procrastinated pampering.  It has recently been brought to my attention that there are places that specialize and have packages just for men.  One of them is Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  There are actually 31 of these spas with gentlemen’s services starting at $65 and more exquisite packages that run up to $285 ranging from “man”icures to massages and facials.

For more information on these services, please click here:

If you don’t have a Red Door Spa located near you just try calling some spas in your area to see what is available.

2. Get Jack Black.  Products made for men (and some of them are wicked enough that you can use them too, ladies.)  These include lip balms, muscle relaxing scrubs, lotions, and shaving tools.  There are some pre-made gift sets that are pretty dang cool.  We have had the opportunity to test out the Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery balm and it is amazing!

3. Geek out.  If you’ve got a unique guy in your life, or maybe one that is really in need of a laugh check out Perpetual Kid for some fun gift ideas.  They have things the man in your life could use at home on the couch, in the kitchen, in the car, or at work.  Some are things you can really use for your technical gadgets like iPhone’s, goodies for golfers, beverage enthusiasts and others are simply to mock things like Facebook.  It’s worth a giggle for yourself so take a peek…

4.  Sports nut.  I’m sure you have heard his favorite team’s name a million times by now.  He loves them / is semi-obsessed with them, therefore he would love anything with their logo on it.  If he plays a sport, perhaps you know of some equipment that he had been eying but never splurged on.  These gifts always catch my husband off guard, he knows that I’m really paying attention when he thought he was boring me to death!

5.  Feed him.  Guys love food.  Cook him a good meal or take him to his favorite restaurant to take his mind off his crazy days and in a quiet moment just say “thank you for all you do.”

On that note – thank you to the men in my life!  xo



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