Apothederm two week update.

I have been using this stretch mark cream for two weeks now and the product indicates that you can start to see results in this amount of time so I wanted to provide a first update.  Personally I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I had never used a stretch mark cream before because I didn’t think anything could fix mine.  Luckily I was given an opportunity to try some to break my skepticism.

To give a little background for those that don’t know I was once much heavier than I am now.  About seventy pounds heavier and at five feet tall that is a lot.  My skin has done its fair share of stretching and shrinking with the weight loss, then stretching again with pregnancy – gaining it all back, then recently losing it all again.    It feels great to have lost the weight but the stretch marks are a constant reminder of what my body once was.  I think it is part of why I still don’t really see myself at my actual size, because every night when I look in the mirror I see the old me.

I’ve got tattoos which are technically scars, but a stretch mark is so much different.  They aren’t beautiful and they ruin the integrity of your skin.  My stretch mark areas in the beginning of this process were incredibly lumpy and each stretch mark felt like the tread on a tire.

Reading the abilities this product had I felt optimistic.  It didn’t say that it was going to magically overnight get rid of the stretch marks, like I said earlier it stated you can start to see results as early as two weeks – with using it twice a day.  So be realistic users; there are no miracle products.  You need to follow the regimens and wait the allotted, suggested time frames for real results.  Nothing happens overnight.

Ok, back to the product.  It also states that it helps with the texture of skin which was a major concern for me.  I have been using it twice a day for two weeks so far and I still have stretch marks but I have been staring at them for long enough to know that there is some slight improvement.  The biggest “yay” factor for me is the texture of my skin, I am so much smoother already which gives me super high hopes that it will continue to keep working great and meet my expectations.

I don’t expect for them to ever fully disappear but I expect improvements, as you should with regular use of any products that claims it will remedy something.  So stay tuned, I will try and keep on track with posting updates every two weeks on this product usage!

stretch mark before product use

stretch mark after 2 weeks of product use

As you can see the color on the stretch marks have faded, they were almost a blurple color, now they are getting lighter.  So far, so good.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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