Sprayology is a new line of homeopathic oral sprays that promote natural health and wellness from within.


When I first saw the press release for this I was super excited because of the variety that they offered for ailments that are concerns for me particularly, and I just cannot stand taking pills.  There are 4 categories that the sprays fall into: rejuvenation, relief, restoration, and rebuilding.  I was sent Brain Power – to sharpen the mind, and ImmunoBooster – to restore the body’s natural defenses.

They couldn’t have arrived at a better time…  in my mailbox upon return from vacation where I was sick with flu and cold symptoms the entire time.  I was feeling quite miserable however hopeful that the spray would help alleviate some of the discomfort.  The bottle stated I could take it with medications with no contraindications which was great to read, but I wanted to stop taking the over the counter medication because it wasn’t helping at all!


I’ve got to say that I believe it is working.  I’ve been using the sprays two to three times per day for about ten days and I have noticed some changes as soon as my first spray.  With the ImmunoBooster I felt better literally within hours and my husband didn’t believe me.  Since all of us had come down with cooties we all started spraying and all got better without any more medication.  It wasn’t instantaneous recovery, but it was nice to not feel drugged up all day long while re-booting our systems.  Awesome that it is even safe for my 2 year old!


The Brain Power it is hard to say if it is coincidence or truly outstanding…  I’m not sure if it is slow at work or my brain is on overdrive that forced me to finish every imaginable project known to man way ahead of schedule.  Usually I am on top of everything but this feels a bit insane to me that I am literally creating new projects just to keep myself busy I am so completely done with everything.


These sprays have a tiny bit of taste to them but not necessarily bad.  Just distinctive I would say.  It doesn’t bother me enough to stop spraying.


Other sprays I am kind of (OK, really) dying to try are: Diet Power, Woman Power, Cold + Flu Relief, Stress Relief, PMS Support, Acne Tonic, and the two vitamin sprays.  In total there are 23 different sprays!


Sprayology is available on www.sprayology.com and is sold in select spas, salons, and specialty retailers worldwide.


Product provided for 100% honest review


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