Bath Thyme Jasmine Rice Butter body scrub

Thanks to LinkedIn I have met some pretty amazing people that work with some pretty amazing companies.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to establish and build relationships with all sorts of brands and share with you information about the products that I am fortunate enough to sample and review.

Today is a company that is new to me and they are called Bath Thyme and the beautiful Fanya (the CEO of Bath Thyme) hand picked two products for me to try.  One of the products I tried out is Jasmine Rice Butter body scrub.  Sounds insanely divine, doesn’t it?  It is.

I am a packaging nut.  This is so aesthetically calming and pleasing… it just reminded me of the word, “spa.”

I like that a majority of the main ingredients are actually good for you.  As a bonus I can even pronounce them.

Here is the scrub in it’s jar.  Heavy duty, gorgeous.  I like to leave it on my bathroom counter just because it is pretty.

It is thick and luxurious – more so than any other scrub I have ever used.  There was nothing that irritated my skin, I felt smooth and soft after usage.  No sensation as if I was just scraped to death by sharp particles.  It is an incredibly smooth scrub, so much so that you hardly feel like you are scrubbing… but you can tell by the end result that you did.  The smell is hypnotic.  I cannot compare it to anything I have ever come across before in my life.  When I smell it I think of world peace and bonsai trees.  I have no idea why, but the scent just transports me to relaxation-land.  I actually find myself trying to find a happy place when I am stressed at work, and I think of this smell – it is that good.

Bath Thyme is a brand you may or may not have heard of before but I have a really good feeling they are going to take off into a world of greatness.  They offer a wide variety of products ranging from assorted body scrubs, shower gels, bath creams, shampoo, body milk, hand wash, hand cream, pillow mist, room spray, cologne mist, and foot sprays.  I’m officially addicted.  Feeling an urge to stock up and then design an entire powder room around the products.

Learn more about Bath Thyme on their website:

They have a Facebook and a Twitter – so follow them to stay in the loop about their products!

Product provided for 100% honest review


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