Sue Devitt gel & powder bronzers

I have no idea how to use bronzer. All I know is that the girls on Jerseylicious use it and I am as white as toilet paper compared to them. The girls on Jerseylicious are fabulous, don’t get me wrong – but there is one girl in particular who sometimes looks like she has a shape that is a capital i of bronzer on her entire face. My fear was if I used bronzer, I would either look like that or my head would not match the rest of my body. Ironically I read an article on BellaSugar that gave you three ways to wear bronzer, other than on your forehead/chin/cheeks. One of the ways it suggested was to use it as eye shadow and I really thought that was a fabulous idea.

Here is the gel bronzer SPF 40 and hand swatch

Gel Bronzer swatch

Gel bronzer swatch, blended

Here is the pressed powder compact and a hand swatch.

Bronzing pressed powder swatch

Here is the “look” I did using the bronzer as an outer crease shadow used along with some neutral Icing no-name shadows, and tokidoki.

Bronzing pressed powder use for outer crease

Bronzing pressed powder outer crease, closed eye

Personally I loved this look, and I think that when you look good you feel good. The day that I wore this make-up I had an amazing day at work. I may be too much of a believer, but in my case it worked for me.

The Bronzing pressed powder has water lily extract in it so it feels really soft on the skin.  The gel bronzer has Algae Extract, Babao Seed, and Sunflower oil so it is incredibly hydrating.  They both looked harsh as a flat swatch but once it was blended it looked like a natural tan.

You can learn more about Sue Devitt:

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