Bath Thyme hand cream

Oh Bath Thyme, your scents can transform any mood.  How I love thee…

The scent I tried out is Thai Flower.  Sooo yummy, very girly and well… flower-y.   This cream is no joke.  It is cream.  Like, heavy whipping cream-cream but for your hands not food.

It is so thick and creamy that sometimes I have difficulty getting it out of the tube.  But in my opinion that is kind-of good.  The only down side is too much pressure and you get a little more than you wanted but what the heck – use it somewhere else!

This is also a perfect size to throw into my purse.  But then again, I carry a gigantic purse.

It keeps my hands soft and me smelling yummy but it didn’t work wonders for my cuticles but it was not advertised to do so.  I preferred using it on my arms because they get super dry as summer starts here in the desert.  Bath Thyme hand cream comes in some other amazing scents – like Jasmine, Tuberose, and Passion Fruit.

To learn more about this budding brand – check out their website:

Product provided for 100% honest review


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