Milani Yellow Whiz polish

I was super excited at first… to try out this obnoxious yellow nail polish by Milani.  Soon after I started applying it my excitement continued to spiral into a hatred.

Milani “high speed fast dry” was not so much that in my experience here.  It also states it was a one coat polish, which for me, was not.  I used two coats because it was streaky and inconsistent.  It took over thirty minutes for it to dry.  So, that was a pretty huge bummer for me…

The color, Yellow Whiz is right up my alley.  But the product quality was sub par in comparison to other Milani polishes that I have used and loved.

Don’t judge all by this one post – there may be other polish lovers who had a fantastic experience with this polish.  Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them…

Product provided for 100% honest review

2 thoughts on “Milani Yellow Whiz polish

  1. Kourtney says:

    The color is great but yeah you can see the streaks which is a bummer 😦 I have a color similar to this by Sally Hansen called Lightening and I love it 🙂 Perfect brush, dries fast and is a bright yellow 🙂


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